Energy-saving & Environmentally Friendly LED-UV Printing System

Ryobi LED-UV Printing System won the Nippon (Japan) Brand Prize at the 39th Machine Design Award Competition sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.

Ryobi was the first to successfully develop an energy-saving, environmentally friendly LED-UV printing system. Laucnhed in October 2008, this system offers numerous advantages over conventional UV curing system. This revolutionary printing system offers impressive cost-savings by greatly reducing replacement frequency, power consumption, installation space of peripheral equipment and eliminating UV printing odour, whilst delivering exceptional quality, productivity and ease of use.
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The Ultimate 8-page A4-size printing system

The new 9210P with LED-UV is an embodiment of the world renowned 920 Series and the award winning Ryobi LED-UV Printing System. This solution offers impressive printing quality, environmetal benefits, improved efficiency and reduced costs for maximum profitabilty.

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