Message from the Board of Directors

Like many successful enterprises, we built Cyber from scratch. For over 3 decades, a new milestone is set every two to three years. Profits are ploughed back for the expansion of the company, which benefit all who work with the company, including suppliers and customers.

We always believe that with regular training, we can keep abreast with the latest technological innovations. Our staff and contractors are among the best-trained in the industry, passionate with their work and striving towards a common goal.

Reflecting back, we owe our success to our suppliers and customers who work hand in glove with us.

Our user base in Australia is growing steadily, with over 400 printing units installed. We are proud to have our presses installed in several reputable sites such as ABnote, Colorpak, CMYKhub and Finsbury. We are also pleased to say that many of the machines are repeat orders. This shows the confidence the customers have in our products and level of services rendered.

Cyber New Zealand also did us proud with the first Ryobi 7510P installation. We believe that “Seeing Is Believing”. When you have a good product, you would want everybody to have a look and feel of the real thing.

Please contact us to book an appointment for a demonstration. We have the full range of presses installed throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our satisfied customers would be pleased to share their experiences with you.

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